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Chrissy VeVe Management is an event management and staffing agency dedicated to providing event expertise and exceptional talent for a variety of projects and campaigns.

For over a decade, Chrissy Ve has worked alongside world-class brands, helping to create unique and memorable events as well as providing first-class talent for a range of assignments.

Chrissy has a strong determination and commitment to ensuring her clients’ visions and requirements are met to a high standard.

An expansive network within the industry ensures a broad scope of events is achievable.

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Some of our clients include:


Experienced event staff, ambassadors and high profile talent for a range of events and campaigns.


Event creation and implementation, overseeing all aspects of your project from end to end.


Experts in project and people management, taking the lead to make your next event a success.


We have a dedicated team who will make your next event exciting, memorable and a huge success!
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