Tips to create an amazing grazing platter

DIY grazing platter inspo

DIY your own delicious grazing platter this weekend and turn your cheeseboard into a feast! See below 👇🏽
Here is a basic shopping list 🗒 and some pro tips 👌🏽 to get you started:

  • Selection of cheeses
  • Cure meats (e.g: prosciutto, salami, chorizo)
  • Fruit (e.g: berries, oranges, grapes)
  • Veges (e.g: carrots, cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumber)
  • Olives or pickles
  • Dried fruit (e.g: apricots, cranberries)
  • Nuts (e.g: Almonds, cashews, pistachios)
  • Crackers (choose different shapes for interest)
  • Crunchies (e.g: popcorn, pretzels, cheese sticks)
  • Dips (e.g: hummus or creamy dip)
  • Sweet treats (chocolate, yogurt covered raisins)
  • Pretty garnishes (e.g: kiwifruit, pomegranate, passion fruit, edible flowers)
  • Use a large breadboard or brown craft paper as your base (Available from The Warehouse or local Stationery store)
  • Ensure fruit and vege is fresh
  • Include gluten-free crackers for guests with special dietary requirements
  • Create a presentation which will appeal to all your guests by including a mix of sweet and savoury options
  • Ideally, most items on your platter should be bite-sized
  • Use ramekins, small bowls and shot glasses for dips/sauces and small things to avoid a messy platter (A halved capsicum also works well and is super pretty)
  • Start by placing your cheeses and meats first, then fill in the gaps with crackers and colourful fruit and vege
  • Fill the remained gaps with nuts / olives / chocolates
  • Don’t forget your cheese knives, toothpicks or cocktail forks so that guests can pick up food easily and mess-free.

We’d love to see your creative attempts, so feel free to tag us on Facebook or Instagram. 

😋 Happy Grazing.

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